Classic Perspectives in Sydney

Classic Perspectives in Sydney

Let’s go to the Luna Park to take some photos!

This is how one evening started that ultimately ended with some very classic views on Sydney Harbour Bridge. Me and some other traveling co-workers decided to leave office a little bit earlier to take photos and we’ve decided to go for a walk from the Darling Harbour area towards the Harbour Bridge and then to the Luna Park to capture the sunset light.

We probably underestimated the distances a tiny little bit, so it was completely dark when we’ve finally arrived on the other side of the harbor. And we found the Luna Park quite disappointing for photography. Maybe because it was empty, maybe because we where quite exhausted and tired.

As we decided to head back to the hotel, our way to the next “water bus stop” gave us the opportunity to take some photos from Sydney’s skyline, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Maybe these are not the most unique views, but they are still stunning when you stand next to the bridge and view the scenery and passing boats.

Canon EOS 5, Kodak Portra 400, Sigma 24/1.4, Tripod. Dev & Scan MyFilmLab, post processing in Lightroom (mostly perspective corrections).

Note to myself: invest in an TS lens for architecture photos!

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